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Communication is extremely important in this day and age. In the eighth grade, students will be learning about different ways to communicate their ideas through different outlets. Students will learn how to target an audience and effectively express their point of view using diverse modes of media. Teachers and partners will work together to aid students in the development of this new way of thinking. Learning through this new lens will help students see the world as journalists, reporters, and advertisers, as we are always keeping in mind college and career readiness.


Students will explore the concept of multimedia through analyzing both fiction and nonfiction. Over the course of the year students will engage in collaborative discussions which center around how we as media specialists communicate in a variety of ways. All students will be involved in hands-on learning experiences in which they will
create projects to demonstrate their learning.


Students will touch on multiple branches of science this year, including biology, physics, anatomy, and
environmental science. Using multimedia as a platform, students will focus on projects that incorporate science, technology, and how it

impacts our society.


The eighth grade curriculum is heavily focused on advertising. Advertising consists of effective communication towards a target audience. Students will learn how to isolate a specific audience and learn how to translate their message both through the use of visuals and supporting text.


Multimedia is one of the most valuable innovations in the field of educational teaching and learning. This year in eighth grade this year students will explore standards based mathematical concepts as they relate to multimedia. Students will engage will engage in class discussions, self/peer evaluations and revisions, and work collaboratively as they apply standard based mathematics to real world situations and problem solving concepts.


Students will study and examine the role of participation of the government through the lens of multimedia. Students will focus on the civil war and how to reunite the north and south during the reconstruction era.


All projects and activities will be based on the design of different forms of multimedia. Some of the topics students will focus on are: Multimedia Integration, Video Gaming, Web Design, Interactive Applications (Apps), and Information Technology.


Through this course, students will study and

explore the process of applying life science,

physical science, and chemistry concepts in growing food hydroponically; a modern solution that lowers the inputs of water and energy needed to sustain

a food system. At the end, students will have the skills necessary to plan a crop calendar and dish, which they will cook with ingredients from the hydroponic lab.

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