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Architecture, engineering, urban planning, government, media, technology, and beyond…

these are just some of the new and exciting topics students will engage in here at MS 582. With project based learning at the forefront, students will work with teachers and professionals through our new community partnerships to explore these concepts. Learning through this hands on approach  will help students see the world as professionals, promote the 21 century skills of communication, critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity, as well as exposing students college and career opportunities.


Students will explore the concept of urban planning through the analysis of various texts and multimedia sources.  Students will engage in discussion based around the themes of urban planning, architecture, community planning, civics, and government, engage in fictional, argumentative and informational writing, as well as develop projects that connect to our urban planning theme.  Projects include social issue awareness campaigns, project proposals, and digital photo story telling.


As students study concepts such as simple machines, weather, scientific method, and human impact,  they will relate these concepts to our school’s theme of urban planning and technology. Students will plan and design inventions, technology, and ideas that can help improve communities. Projects include the development of complex machines with simple machines and earthquake resistant structures.


Students will analyze their community as urban planners, engineers, and architects. Students will use the influence of their community to inspire their creativity while creating their projects.  Through the artistic process, students will explore many different concepts of these professions including engineering, design, media, etc. Projects include digital photo essays, and marketing/advertisement utopian societies.

Students will explore standards based mathematical concepts as they relate to engineering, architecture, and urban planning.  Students will engage in class discussions, self/peer evaluations and revisions, and work collaboratively as they apply standard based mathematics to real world situations and problem solving concepts.  Projects include development of landmarks/ monuments, scaled skyscraper models, and bridges.


Students will study and explore ancient civilizations, geography, American history, and government. Keeping the concept of urban planning,

technology and multimedia in mind, students will think about urban planning as it connects to culture, city planning, government, civil rights, and present day. Projects include model home design, Morse code and propaganda, and laser cutting architectural structures.


In our Hydroponic Lab, students will learn about hydroponic technology, nutrition, healthy eating, and meal planning.  Furthermore, students will learn how to develop, utilize, and sustain hydroponic technology encouraging students to create solutions for global resource problems.

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