Students take on roles of different professionals, allowing them to learn how to communicate their message to different audiences. Students use a variety of media outlets to convey their message on a proposed topic. 



The inclusion of technology in the classroom allows students to deepen their understanding of a topic. Students become researchers, using technology to create new ways to problem solve. Students also have the opportunity to create and build their own products with the use of technology.


Students learn about urban planning and how it pertains to different areas of study.  Using the lens of an urban planner, students analyze cities and their development. This knowledge is used to conceptualize and create components of a functioning urban community.



At MS 582, The Magnet School for Multimedia, Technology, and Urban Planning, we prepare students to thrive in the 21st century economy. Students

address real-world community challenges and explore a range of career options across architecture, engineering, urban planning, computer programming, design, animation, and science. 

While at MS 582, students develop a digital portfolio of projects, performance-based assessments, and written pieces that support their applications to a range of competitive and specialized high schools. Upon graduating, students are on track to meet the needs of the 21st century economy and society.



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