November Events

Bibi's Cause

(Sponsoring our Parent Coordinator)

March Events

December Events

Fall Festival

(Fall Fun for the Family)

On Your Feet
(Broadway Incentive Trip)

Valentine's Day Dance
(Annual Celebration - February 14, 2017)

October Events


(Magnet Schools Assistance Program)

February Events

Junior Achievement

​(College Prep and Real Life Talks)​

Student Government Assembly
(Recognition Celebration - February 15, 2017)

Rockefeller Tree Trip

(A Visit to Macy's Santa Land, Bryant Park Ice Skating, Rockefeller Center Tree, and Time Square)

September Events

NY Cares Winter Wishes

(A yearly event where all students receive a
​present on behalf of the NY Cares Program)

Miscellaneous January Events 
NY Cares College Awareness *

No Child Eats Alone Day *

NPF's 14th Annual FiddleFest
(Our 1st year violinists performed at the Noel Pointer Foundation's 14th annual event at Brooklyn Heights.)

Three Kings Day Parade

(A stroll down Grand St. in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

"Thee Kings Day" style... Sunday, January 8, 2017)

MS 582 - The Upper Academy

The Magnet School for Multimedia Technology and Urban Planning

January Events

Making Strides Walk
(Walking for Awareness)

International Food Fest

(Fellowship amongst the Community)

April Events

Middle School Fair

​(Our Staff is Here to Help)​