MS 582 - The Upper Academy

The Magnet School for Multimedia Technology and Urban Planning

       At MS 582, everyone – student, teacher and parent is both learner and teacher.  All members of the MS 582 learning community are everyday, as well as, lifelong learners.  MS 582 students maximize their potential through the production of quality work and their ability to share and reflect on their experience.  We believe in excellence for every student in every classroom.  Each child is valued as an individual with unique characteristics to be developed and enhanced.  We promote high expectation for student success in a safe environment.  Our entire learning community celebrates and supports each student.

       We will continue to provide a caring and nurturing environment that empowers all children, including English Language Learners and students with special needs, to experience greater success and confidence in themselves; allowing them to grow socially, emotionally, and academically into productive citizens in a global environment.  Through high quality classroom instruction, before and after school programs, academic intervention services, social activities, clubs, and teams, we will equip our children with lifelong skills for success.